Staffing, Recruitment and Consulting

ConvexTech Inc. recognizes the importance of finding the appropriate candidate with the necessary skill sets to help your company succeed. Finding the proper employees is a challenge for any company, big or small, with or without an HR department. Here's where we come in handy.Our crew is dispersed throughout the world with the single goal of locating the ideal candidates to satisfy your unique requirements. People having a specific degree of experience in a given field or area can be required. Whatever you need, our skilled staffing services department can locate candidates that can satisfy the particular requirements of the clients. We empower businesses to lead their respective industries by providing comprehensive end-to-end staffing solutions that foster the development of skilled labor. Because of the unpredictability of business and the shifting demands of the industry, our general staffing services address the manpower issues that arise from scaling up and down operations. They allow you to bring in more resources as needed. Furthermore, we understand that streamlining workforce demands might not be sufficient on its own to improve company processes. We provide and manage infrastructure, oversee service level agreements (SLAs) related to project completion and efficiency, and more in this endeavor.