Smart Devices

Control you Business and Home with Smart Devices

Smart Devices For Business & Home Smart Control with Smart Devices.

There and many challenges to control your devices nearly every home and industry today. ConvexTech has the depth and breadth of experience and expertise to gain complete control of your Business / Home environment with automation from Smart Devices. Your business/home may contain a number of different type of following electronic equipment.

1. Security system

2. Home theater

3. Audio system

4. Lighting

5. Air Conditioner

6. pool Filtration System

Way your business feels at any given moment is influenced by a number of factors, each with their own need for control systems. It can be time consuming and confusing to try to arrange each to meet your desires when you’ve got so many different systems to control with our collection of control systems, devices, and home automation and integration. We can give you complete power over every aspect of your home environment.

Businesses / Home Automation

ConvexTech recommends various advanced automation systems, these brands are the most well-known and widely trusted creators of business / home automation technology. With our advance control and home automation options, you can use a customized keypad, color touch panel, smartphone, tablet or remote control to your devices/equipment.

Whole House Audio Automation

With whole house audio from Stereo East, you can have beautiful sound in every room of the house, and you can use your home automation system to maximize the results for every occasion. Throw the coolest parties with whole house audio and home automation – move the sound as your party moves, and set the volume as you go through the evening. We also give you smartphone and tablet control application, so you don't have to remember your remote. Save yourself the hassle of hosting.

Lighting Control

Lighting control systems have transformed the way you manage your home environment and offer complete style, security, and energy savings. With today’s technology in home automation and lighting control, tasks that used to be dull and inefficient are now automated and convenient. Smart devices can help you create lighting scenes based on occupancy and time of day. These scenes can even be task driven by activity.

Shading Control

We can also provide complete shading control to customize the look and feel of every room in your house. Enhance the beauty of your home with lighting lifestyle control from the experienced home technology experts at Smart Device. Keypads can be used to provide an elegant look by simplifying the controls that usually require various buttons and nobs and distilling them down to a single control. Each button can be set to execute a series of commands optimizing the room for whatever activity you wish to enjoy. We can blend the look of your home lighting automation into your personalized style, making the automation invisible to guests for uninterrupted beauty.